Classic computer hardware – inventory


Classic Macintosh, Mac, items available. PCs too. 

All offers accepted. Move quickly. Call me: 412-298-3432, or email,


Mac with disk drive.


Mac portable with bag. Does not start.

Mac laptop

Mac portable with bag. Does not start.


iMac. Have 2. One taken apart without hard drive as it had a bad logic board.

Two pizza box Macs

Two Macs

Mac Mini

Five Mac Minis. One is broken. One is taken apart. At least 2 will be ready to launch with a bootable disk as they were reformatted. Have some power cords. 

Cannon with manual.

HP Laser Printer
PowerMac G3 with drive and CD

PowerPC, Power Macintosh G3 with floppy and CD Drive. I got this to get onto the internet, but it fails a https: and any login buttons. Runs OS 9.1. 

CD-R/W drive

Have original manual and floppy install and CD Installer. But, I could not get it to work. Uses SCSI. Have cables and terminators. Wish it worked on the G3.

Not with a photo:

  • Apple Laserwriter II. Not working.


UMAX Astria 1200S, scanner

It worked.

scanner front

scanner front

scanner open

scanner back

scanner, back, SCSI

Apple Imagewriter LQ printer. Big, and heavy. A box of paper too.

Imagewriter LQ top

Imagewriter LQ top

Imagewriter LQ side
Imagewriter LQ back with seriel #

Imagewriter LQ back, seriel number

Imagewriter LQ back

Imagewriter LQ back - printing port

Computer paper, 9-and-half by 11, with smooth edge perforation, 1-part, white. Q 2500 on box, but 2000+ remain.

Computer paper, 9-and-half by 11, with smooth edge perforation, 1-part, white. Q 2500 on box, but 2000+ remain.

CD/DVD Printer

CD/DVD Printer, prints directly on CDs and DVDs -- and never used.

3 PCs

Windows 95 tower at left with HS floppy, tape backup.

2 CD-ROM Drives and 24 port switcher

24-port ethernet switch and 2 CD ROM drives

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Mark Rauterkus

Mark Rauterkus, is the webmaster for ISCA. Also a swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Cell: 412-298-3432

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