First peek at the version 1 & 2 prototype goals for SKWIM from the Ohio factory

Fun day. Got some images from the factory via email. Notes below, after the photos. Two types. 

Four-corner-post version

Top view of 4-corner-post version, prototype.

Top view of 4-corner-post version, prototype.

Front view of 4-corner-post version

Front view of 4-corner-post version

X version

Top view with disk of X-goal

Top view with disk of X-goal

Front view with disk of X-version goal.

Front view with disk of X-version goal.

Underside of X-version goal, prototype.

Underside of X-version goal, prototype.

Wow. They are awesome. I love the 4-corner-post design. 

I'll call them 4-post design and X-model for discussion. Need marketing name(s) in due time.


One with the 4 legs on the outside corners has no ribbing. The pad needs to be sorta flat. 

But, in the water (and testing will help greatly) the weight of the legs should pull the pad down on the 4 corners. ??

Do you think the Bullfrog -- with a third black layer -- would be better than the 2-pad build of the LilyPad, due to less bending?

Can the same hardware used for the corner posts fit onto a bullfrog pad as shown above? Is the fitting only so big? Is it just a matter of length of cut on the PVC axial? 

Can the corner posts come off and on? Or, are they attached permanently? 

Screw? Glue? 


Easy Assembly? 

Bungee is missing and needed to hang to backstroke flags

We'd want to get a middle pad bungee inserted with a hook at one end and the ball at the other (tied with a knot so it can be un-tied in case it needed to be flipped upside down). The length of the cord should be about 8-to-9 foot. That can then attach to the backstroke flags found in most pools. Hook on the top at first. And, if no backstroke flags, then it can be flipped and sent to the bottom to attach to weights. 

No net, yet

There is still a possible need (?) for a net to dangle down on the underside. I am working on that. Drilling 8 holes in a square. A shorter shoe lace tied to 8 spots (9 really) on the netting (you already provided). The 1st and last (9th) lace go up the same drilled hole so as to close the opening in the netting.  That goes up through the drilled holes and is tied with an easy knot to another nylon string that sets on the top near the drilled holes.

The other X-design has its merits too. 

No need for a net. 

Firm and flat. 

Costs questions:

I'm going to guess that it is easier to build the 4-corner-post design / model in terms of lower cost of goods. Less PVC. Fewer float materials by a whisker. The 4-corner-post has only 4 drill holes vs. eight for the X-model. Four caps vs. eight for the X-model too. 

Even with transport, it might be easier to fold (get some bend) the 4-corner-post model to make it fit into a trunk of a car or back-seat of a compact if needed to transport. That is an advantage, IMHO. A coach or lifeguard should be able to grab these and go to another pool. 

I'm going to check on making a trip up there on Friday, next week. 

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