Import, export and moving pages and posts between sites

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Easy & free way to move posts from one site to another, beyond just copy & paste.

  • Raymond R. Sidney-Smith
    badge iconWordPress has export-import facilities. Visit Tools from the left navigation and you should see them.
  • Jeff StephenTools > export posts
  • Mark Rauterkus
    So thankful I asked and you all came to the rescue. Sweet discovery.
  • AuthorDone. I had to reset the feature images. After import, the spinning wheel was shown when it tried to get the feature images. Deleted that. Uploaded it from other site. Other thing was the new category didn't overwrite the existing category. So, I nuked the existing, even with the same names. But that made sense as the descriptions were with different text. Bang.Thanks again.2
  • Mark Werle Late to the party but for more advanced cases WP All Import is perfect.
    The #1 import & export plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce
    The #1 import & export plugin for WordPress & WooCommerceThe #1 import & export plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce

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Mark Rauterkus

Mark Rauterkus, is the webmaster for ISCA. Also a swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Cell: 412-298-3432

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