Keap and Tags


Ref Title Description
01 Optin Tags related to the sign up of free offers/optins
02 Marketing Tags related to prospect/marketing activities
03 Nurture Tags related to nurturing activities
04 Sales Tags related to the sales process
05 Purchases Tags related to specific purchases of goods or services
06 Fulfilment Tags related to the delivery of goods or services
07 Segmentation Tags related to the segmentation/groupings of your database
08 Triggers Tags used to internally start or stop automation in Infusionsoft
09 Admin Tags related to specific internal admin functions
10 Imported Tags related to importing or updating data into Infusionsoft
11 Integrations Tags related to external plugin/app/system that work with Infusionsoft (typically I would create a separate tag category per plugin e.g. DynamicSync, AppointmentCore, CustomerHub, Memberium etc)
12 Archive Unused or possible tags identified for deletion but you’re unsure whether they can/should be.

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Mark Rauterkus

Mark Rauterkus, is the webmaster for ISCA. Also a swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Cell: 412-298-3432

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