MilestonePod acquired by Zwift

Hello MilestonePod Community,

We’re writing to share some exciting news.

When we started this company in 2013, our vision was simple: deliver an affordable running device to help runners unlock their performance goals and reduce injury risk. As a company, we aimed to be accessible, responsive, and customer focused. Together we’ve logged countless miles on this journey.

Earlier this year we were acquired by Zwift. Zwift has built a hugely popular indoor cycling platform and in February 2018 they launched Zwift Run. Runners can access this free Beta app by hopping on any treadmill and run with a connected footpod. All in a gamified world that makes exercise entertaining and fun, not to mention effective!

So, we’re thrilled to join a global leader of indoor training and scale at a faster pace to reach more runners.

All v3 Milestone Pods will work on Zwift, whereas earlier versions will not. Check out the app and discover what makes Zwift Run so fun. Join a weekly group run or try a structured workout and be on the lookout for a firmware upgrade when syncing. This upgrade will improve the reliability and speed of connecting to Zwift.

One more thing… We recently launched the Zwift RunPod. We’re offering Milestone customers an exclusive discount on this latest device optimized for Zwift. If you’re looking to upgrade or shopping for the holidays, they make an awesome gift for that runner you know. Use RUNZWIFT15 for 15% off Zwift RunPods only on The coupon is good until December 16th.

Thank you again for your support.

See you in the game and on road,

Jason, Meir, Tzach and the Milestone Sports team

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