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Upsell screen, LearnDash and Annual Memberships
  • What settings are needed to sell an annual membership to a group?
  • Does the Enable LearnDash Integration need to be showing as YES - or - NO?

  • Great to know that orders at ISCA can be taken with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I didn't know that. Perhaps it should be better promoted.
  • With a coupon, it would be nice to also have a note able to be attached. Love that notes can be placed with orders. Why not also with coupons?

I made a product "digital" and allow for account creation. BUT.... That is bogging down some customers at check out, not good. 

Q: Can an product be switched from DIGITAL to PHYSICAL without harming the records / archives?

I imagine yes.

And, I imagine I can turn OFF the switch so that account creation is OFF.

No harm in that, I imagine.

Q: Must Account Creation be ON for All Digital products?

Exporting Date, Customers from Upsell

Use a free plugin, such as

After you install go to...

All Exports on the left side of the WordPress admin dashboard > New Export > Choose "Orders" from the dropdown > Let it load > Click "Migrate Orders" > Click "Confirm & Export."

screenshot-looking for way to change the permalink in upsell

Wondering if there is an easy way to change the permalink to an Upsell product? When a product is made by making a clone of another, the clone gets put into the URL. Wishing for it to be changed. Product titles are sorta important. Other workarounds?

Searching on Orders does not prove to be fruitful unless the search is limited to the order number.

Could this be true? Is there a way to search for customer name?

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